Reducing the risk, cost and administrative burden of school policy management

The platform

A quick overview of how PolicyViewer saves you time and money

Key moments when software makes things faster and easier

PolicyViewer was built with you in mind.

For new staff

  • Automatic emails welcoming new staff to the school and informing them of important policies and procedures.
  • Logging of their acceptance of these policies
  • If busy staff have not logged into the system and read the required policies, automatic notifications are sent as a reminder. If policies are still not read, another automatic message goes to their line manager to help give them that little nudge.

For current staff

  • Each new policy adopted by the school is automatically distributed to staff, informing them of the need to review and accept.
  • Staff can easily access policies at any time, from anywhere.

For administrators and senior leaders

  • Add and remove new policies, knowing they’ll be reviewed and actioned.
  • Understand at a glance policy acceptance by individual staff members.
  • View an individual policy and see which staff have read the policy and which staff have not.
  • View which staff have been sent reminders and whether their line manager was informed.
  • Set whether individual policies are for reference only or compulsory and therefore must be read within a set time frame.
  • Set whether a policy or procedure applies to all staff or just teaching staff or support staff so that only the relevant people are contacted.
  • Create staff groups for different types of policies and procedures.
  • Prove to Ofsted and others that you have a robust system for ensuring all staff are informed and up-to-date.
  • And much more.