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Reduce risk, cost and administrative burden

  • An automated system which reduces the stress, risk and burden of school policy management.
  • Protect against non-compliance and legal challenges.
  • Improve policy administration.
  • Track and monitor staff engagement with policies.
  • Easily prove to inspectors and others that all staff have read and agreed to your policies.
  • Quickly and easily inform all staff when new policies have been adopted or existing policies have been updated at the click of a button.
  • Remove the need to print and circulate large hard copy staff handbooks.
  • Remove the need to print out updates and gain staff signatures on updated or newly adopted policies throughout the year.
  • See at-a-glance which staff have read important policies and those who have failed to comply.
  • Store policies within a secure platform that manages compliance by notifying, reminding and tracking staff on your behalf.
  • Use the system to fully replace cumbersome hard copy staff handbooks.
  • Ensure better policy management for your school or all schools across the MAT.

How it works

  • When a new staff member arrives at the school the system automatically sends them an email welcoming them to the school and telling them about the policies and procedures that must be read and agreed by them.
  • The staff member clicks a link in the email and then logs in to the system with the same username and password that they use to access their school computer.
  • They then see an A-Z list of the school policies. Those that are compulsory to read are marked as such and if there is a time frame in which they must be read then this is indicated next to the policy.
  • The staff member clicks on the policy to read it and when they are done they tick a box to say that they have read and understood the policy. This time and date stamps when they have read it.
  • If they have not logged into the system to read the policies within a couple of days then the system automatically sends an email reminder. If they ignore this then it will send them another email a couple of days later. If they ignore this one then the system will send an email to their line manager. If they still do not read the policy then the system sends an email to their line manager’s line manager.
  • When a new policy is adopted by the governing body or when existing policies are reviewed and amended throughout the year the system will notify all staff that this has happened, it will tell them which policy has been added or amended and they will be instructed to go and read and agree to the policy by following the link in the email. The same reminder and escalation process as detailed above then begins.
  • Staff can log-in at any time to review policies and see at a glance which policies they have read and those that they are still to read.

Senior leaders or administrators can:

  • view an individual staff member and see exactly which policies or procedures they have read and agreed to and at what time and date
  • view an individual policy and see which staff have read the policy and which staff have not
  • view which staff have been sent reminders and whether their line manager was informed
  • set the number of days that certain policies must be read within
  • set whether a policy or procedure is applicable to all staff, teaching staff or support staff so that only the relevant people are emailed
  • set term dates so that the system is not chasing staff over the holidays
  • set and amend the wording of the emails that the system will automatically send so that the detail and tone of the message is in line with the culture and expectations of the school
  • add certain staff to a ‘stop list’ e.g. if they go on maternity or are off for a period of time for some other reason - they are then automatically reinstated when they return
  • add certain people to a ‘never email’ list e.g. the headteacher , CEO or governors if they use the platform
  • add certain people to a ‘Supply staff’ list. These may be people who need more time to read certain policies because they are not often in school
  • set authorised admin users who are able to administer the system and much more.

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