Product Features

PolicyViewer Standard

  • Upload staff lists easily and add them to 'teaching staff' or 'support staff' groups so that they are only notified of policies or procedures which are relevant to them.
  • Quickly and easily upload new policies or replace existing policies.
  • Set the number of days that certain policies must be read within.
  • New staff are sent a welcome message by the system which prompts them to read the school policies and procedures which they do by following a link.
  • When you upload a new policy or update an existing policy the system automatically emails all staff and instructs them to read and agree to the policy.
  • Staff and administrators can access the system from anywhere and on a mobile device as long as they have an internet connection.
  • The system automatically sends email reminders to staff who have not read certain policies when a time frame has been set and will inform their line manager and then their line manager's line manager if they still do not comply after a period of time.
  • You can view an individual staff member and see exactly which policies or procedures they have read and agreed to and at what time and date.
  • You can view an individual policy and see which staff have read the policy and which staff have not.
  • You can view which staff have been sent reminders and whether their line manager was informed.
  • You can view when staff last logged into the system.
  • You can view when a policy was last updated on the system.
  • You can set term dates so that the system is not chasing staff over the holidays.
  • You can set and amend the wording of the automated emails that the system sends so that the detail and tone of the message is in line with the culture and expectations of the school.
  • You can add certain staff to a ‘stop list’ e.g. if they go on maternity or are off for a period of time for some other reason - they are then automatically reinstated when they return.
  • You can add certain people to a ‘never email’ list e.g. the headteacher, CEO or governors if they use the platform.
  • You can add certain people to a ‘Supply staff’ list. These may be people who need more time to read certain policies because they are not often in school.
  • You can set authorised admin users who are able to administer the system.
  • The system will be branded with your school logo.
  • The online policy system is 'responsive' and works on mobiles and tablets.
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PolicyViewer PRO



PolicyViewer Pro has the exact same features as PolicyViewer but with the much greater benefit of the system being connected to your school's Directory Server, such as Microsoft Active Directory, Apple Open Directory and others.

This means that:

  • you do not need to manually upload a staff list to the system
  • the system will automatically detect when new staff join the school
  • staff that leave will be automatically removed from the policy management system when they are removed from your network in the usual way (although it will still keep a record of their compliance in case of any claims or disputes that arise in the future)
  • staff can access the system with the same password that they use to access school computers
  • any changes to staff records on your Directory Server will automatically be recognised by the PolicyViewer system.
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